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Does sun protection prevent tanning ?

Many still think that applying sun protection could harm their tan. This is completely FALSE.

Today, the properties of sunscreens are still poorly known or demonized. Yes, for some of you to protect yourself

from the sun means a tanning brake. As a result, the vast majority do not protect themselves enough face to the danger of the sunrays.

Tanning with sun protection, why is it possible ?

It’s simple, because total protection does not exist. No product filters 100% of the ultraviolet, that’s why since 2008 the mention «total screen» on the sunscreens is prohibited. This term indicated a protection class which was not well interpreted by the consumer. Even with a very high sun protection (50+ index) the UVB responsible for sunburn penetrates your skin. The ultraviolet rays activate the melanin which allows the tanning.

The UVA and UVB correspond to invisible light. UVA is mainly responsible for the spots on your skin, skin aging and wrinkles , while UVB as mentioned above penetrate less deeply into the dermis and are responsible for sunburn, burns and most skin cancers. Keep in mind that sunscreens are designed to protect the skin from sunburn, protecting you will not stop you from sunbathin , on the contrary. Remember that a progressive tan would more likely last longer.

So, what’s the use of sun protection?

Protecting your skin from ultraviolet A and B rays helps you anticipate premature skin aging and skin reactions. This helps prevent immediate risks such as sunburn or long-term skin cancers. For greater efficiency, start with a high index during your first sun exposure and consider applying your sun protection every two hours, especially on sensitive areas such as the face, neck, and shoulders. Do not forget to massage the product to help it penetrate your skin and thus have optimal effectiveness.

To remember >> Sunscreen is an essential and must fit into your daily routine, whether you are urban or a beach lover ! It protects you and allows you to anticipate the aging of the skin without preventing a pretty golden complexion.

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